Route Scope and Report / Survey / Design / As Builts

If you’re looking to use existing networks for a new build you may find it difficult when no existing or up to date plans exist, with this in mind Webby’s Pty Ltd offer the services of scope and report. Asset owners such as Energex require a clear and concise report from any carrier proposing to utilise their conduit and pit systems. Webby’s can gather all the necessary information from route, GPS locations, conduit depths, pit condition and size, capacity etc and combine it into an easy to follow comprehensive report to be used for construction or to further the design process. These reports can even be prepared and submitted for your own records once a project has been completed if your current contractors have failed to provide you with a clear “as built” document. We also offer a very high quality “as built” option when cable installations have been completed, please have a look at the attached examples and give us a call or email if you would like to know more about these services.

Civil Constructions

With the recent acquisition of a small Brisbane Civil construction company Webby’s are now once again offering the installation of pit and pipe as part of their services. We are committed to providing an end to end solution to our clients so now having civil construction ability combined with our proven record of supplying a high end level of splice and testing, it is now possible. We have the equipment and skilled staff available for the installation of conduit runs, pits, blockage rectification and reinstatement and already have a number of projects requiring such underway or already completed. It concerns us to see ill equipped and undertrained individuals and companies within the industry undertaking work that they really are not prepared or capable of doing, our staff are highly trained, our equipment be it owned or leased is of the highest maintained standards and we will not undertake any project that we are not 100% capable or trained to do so, this is our guarantee to our clients. So weather it’s a small job or large contact us today and if we are confident we can deliver a high quality installation within the time frames and budget that you have available we can assure you that Webby’s Pty Ltd are the only people for the job. Don’t risk your next project utilising a fly by night company that won’t be there in 12 months’ time, stick with a family business with over 13 years’ experience that you can rely on to be there for the next 13!

Cable Hauling

Our slogan ‘THE Cabling Specialists’ is underpinned by an industry recognition for being “The Best in the Business”, and an endorsement that we do provide expert technical and practical recommendations for your requirements. A team of experienced and well-trained staff is on hand to offer suggestions for any installation problem. Our procedures guarantee continuity in service and quality and this is validated by our on-going commitment to staff training focused on the delivery of customer satisfaction through safe work practices and competitive services. Next time your in the city or on one of Brisbane’s busy roads look around and take note of any cable installers you see, most likely they’ll be hard to spot as most don’t display a company name or logo. We at Webby’s are so proud of the job we do that each team member has a clearly visible uniform and each vehicle is clearly signed with our logo and contact number, right down to our safety barricades! This shows not only our clients but the general public that we take the job we do and their safety very seriously.

Pit Installations

Webby’s pit installations are of the highest standards in the industry. For some time now pits have been installed for various carriers by people with no experience in hauling cable or jointing therefore often the work standards are poor or the pits themselves are not suitable for the requirements. Being that we are the people that use these pits most often it made sense to start fitting our own, the benefits are a much neater more useable pit and a guarantee to our customers of quality. The time saved working in correctly fitted pits benefits us and the money saved on rework to repair poorly fitted pits benefits our clients. All pits are backfilled using sand, deco and mechanical compaction methods to ensure no movement or risk of sinking. After fitment all spoil is removed and the area can be returned back to as new if not better then original condition. Why use others to upgrade or fit your new pits when Webby’s offers a 6 month guarantee on workmanship on every pit fitted?

Labour Hire

Labor hire of trained personal is the latest service that Webby’s offers. We can supply you with staff fully trained with all PPE and two way equipment for as little as half a day or as long as required. With people coming and going in the Telco/Power industry it can be very hard to replace a staff member quick enough to ensure completion deadlines are not missed and accreditation requirements are adhered too. Now a call to Webby’s can have a trained accredited person on site the very next day with or without vehicles (Winch’s trucks etc) ensuring that you’re down time is kept to a minimum. Why use labor hire companies that can only supply unaccredited people that could put you in breach of safety regulations when you can have the peace of mind that Webby’s staff are some of the highest trained in the industry. We can fill that gap and save money on training staff that you may only need for that short term project and in the process increase your profit margins. For pricing email with location and approximate time requirements or contact him on (07) 3266 3040.

Fibre Splicing and Testing

Webby’s now have the expertise in house to splice and test both single and multi mode fibre cables utilizing the latest equipment available. With highly skilled and qualified technicians in fully equipped splicing vans available around the clock, Webby’s can provide the service that you need to keep your network in perfect condition. Weather it’s a simple maintenance job or a new build we can supply you with a turn key operation guaranteeing you a quality product within the tightest of budget and time frames. Our Skilled staff, flexibility and latest technology in splicing/testing equipment ensure that our service is the best in the industry. Now with Webby’s offering a turn key operation there is no need to look elsewhere, why not give us a call today.