AFL is a new name for a well-established operation that has run continuously since it’s opening in 1986. Originally established to service the emerging optical fibre telecommunications industry in Australia, the purpose-built Optical fibre cable manufacturing plant in the West Melbourne suburb of Tottenham, soon developed a far-reaching customer base. It has, through its long association with the industry, developed a strong network as well as a reputation for the highest quality – having an unbroken Quality Assurance certification since 1991.

AFL products include loose tube or tight buffer constructions for indoor or outdoor applications. Armouring can be non-metallic or metallic, and cables are for direct buried, duct or specialist aerial types – short or long span designs. Any fibre types can be incorporated according to customer requirements – multimode – OM1 OM2, OM3 etc, single mode OS1, “G655” etc – AFL uses only fibre produced by OFS (the ex Lucent fibre manufacturing operation) who are regarded as the world’s premier fibre manufacturer and one of the world’s largest producers of fibre and accessories.