Tony Webb started hauling cable while working for VisionStream in 1992 before going out on his own in 2002.

Based on Brisbane’s North, Webby’s Pty Ltd has grown quickly and now operates many crews servicing customers throughout Queensland and New South Wales. Tony puts Webby’s success down to the flexibility and efficiency of his team and their commitment to customer service.

“We offer flexible work hours without the immense costs normally associated with working outside of normal business operating hours. Our team is well–versed in the benefits of working nights and weekends to avoid risks experienced by pedestrian and traffic management in Brisbane’s busiest streets and roads”.

When you’re faced with the dilemma of installing cable in one of Australia’s fastest growing cities with short deadlines and limited access to parking and ducts, Webby’s flexibility is the answer. According to Tony, “others in the industry use an eight man crew for cable hauling whereas our highly trained and motivated teams can achieve the same results with half the manpower. This allows us to be not only more competitive but also more responsive to customer demands.”

The Webby’s team has a close and respectful working relationship gained through regular training and team-building events. “When you enter a confined space you want to know that the safety observer above you and your crew has only your safety on their mind.” Our safety record is exceptional with NO lost time injuries or Safety Breaches. Our training is regularly reviewed and updated by the Energex training entity Easytrain.

Key Staff

Tony Webb

Managing Director

Highly trained and Accredited Fibre Optic Technician trained by Telstra & Energex in the installation of ALL forms of Copper and Fibre Optic Cables. Tony has been within the Telco industry for over 20 years with extensive experience in the field of Fibre Optics and HV/LV cable construction.

Starting with Telstra over ten years ago as a basic civil worker Tony worked his way through the ranks to become hauling manager for Visionstream, a subsidiary of Telstra. In this roll he was responsible for the management of some 80 staff involved in the installation of both Copper and Fibre under ground cables on various major projects.

Since leaving Telstra Tony has been involved with other projects involving the RAAF and Australian Defence Force on a Consultancy basis, now after forming Webby’s Cable Solutions in Sept 2002 Tony has strived to build his own flexible and dependable work force to service the Telco Industry. Within this time Webby’s have grown and diversified into many areas of cable construction and become an industry leader in cable network installation and maintenance.

Matt Dawson

Operations Manager

Matt has been associated with Tony over the past 5 years on many projects and worked closely with him both as an employee and as a Field Manager. Previously Matt built a very successful business of his own that serviced the greater South East of QLD. For a change in direction Matt made the decision to sell up and move his expertise more to the area of communications cable and construction and we welcomed him to the team in 2009.

With such an experienced and diverse background in management, coupled with great client liaison skills it was an easy decision to give Matt the role of Operations Manager. His professionalism and passion are rarely found in an individual with such a wealth of experience and having him as the kingpin of Webby’s operation is sure to move us to the next level in client satisfaction and work quality.

We take client satisfaction very seriously at Webby’s as we pride ourselves on the Moto “The Cabling Specialists” and with a team as highly trained and well regarded as ours your sure to have a smooth transition from design through construction to hand over utilizing the knowledge and experience we have available.