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Welcome to Webby’s Cable Solutions

Crawling through dusty manholes and cable pits in the extreme heat of Brisbane’s summer is not the sort of job for everyone. But for Tony Webb and the team at Webby’s, it’s just another day at the office.

The need for high speed and dependable communications is critical to modern business and government alike. Australia’s largest local government authority, Brisbane City Council is preparing for the future by installing a city-wide high speed communications backbone. Optical fibre was the obvious choice with its immunity to electromagnetic and radio interference and its non-conductive nature. And as several kilometers of fibre optic cable are installed across Brisbane every week, cable haulers like Webby’s are in high demand.

Webby’s is the accredited installer of fibre optic cable for Brisbane City Council and Energex with the company recently being awarded a four year contract with the Brisbane City Works division for traffic signals and fibre optic installations. At the time of writing, Tony and his team at Webby’s had laid over 2,500,000 meters of fibre optic cable across Brisbane.


Webby’s provides cable installation services ranging from street conduits through to building entries and internal works including:

  • Rod and Roping of conduits, Riser Shafts, Cable Racking, Cable Tunnels.
  • Location of Blockages
  • Water removal and clean out of pits and gattics
  • Civil repairs of blockages
  • Small to medium cable pit installations
  • Trenched Conduit installation
  • Q/A and project scoping
  • Cable route design
  • Cable Locations
  • On Call cable hauling for breakdowns or damages
  • Installation of all sizes of Telephony Cables
  • A specialist team of HV and LV power cable installers
  • Supply and Installation of all sizes of Fibre Optic cable
  • Fibre Optic splice and testing
  • Recovery of all styles of cable in all sizes
  • Transportation of cable drums to site or to Customer premises.